About the Summit

What it is

The Native Women’s Business Summit is a 1.5-day workshop scheduled for April 13-14, 2018, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to bring together 200+ Native American women in business to share our collective experiences, grow our social capital and create a network that is reflective of our own cultures and communities.

We will bring recognized Native business and tribal leaders to share their knowledge and experience to speak and lead key skill-building workshops and informative sessions on everything from finance and taxes to licensing a company and hiring people.  We will also have professionals from the investment and financing world attend, learn and share their practices for accessing capital.  The entire experience will be designed so that all levels of business expertise can connect and find the tools they need to move to the next level.

We prioritize our collective experiences as Native Women entrepreneurs. We know every study about the racial and gender pay gaps, wealth disparities, sexual trauma, (etc.) that Native American women are the most afflicted community in this country, intersecting in such profound ways that discrimination is not a hidden experience, but rather a very visceral challenge that Native Women face every day. This summit our first step to tackle the unmet needs of Native American women by weaving our power and culture with basic entrepreneurship skills to become business leaders for our communities and families.

Who we are


Because if we can make our own connections, map our own pathway to grow more Native women entrepreneurs and provide a safe place, to be honest about what we need, then we can start creating the space it requires to change our chances for success in this country.

We need to lift each other up to build a coalition, connection and opportunity for Native American and Alaskan Native women to become business leaders for their communities and families.  These collisions do not happen often as many of our Native women in business must navigate on their own, living and working in two worlds, both on tribal lands and off.

Our core values  (BE-WE) reflect our understanding that Native women are the BACKBONE of our communities, we are EMERGING as entrepreneurs, and we are WEAVING our ideas, resources, and community to manifest change while EMPOWERING one another.

Kick-Off event


In October of 2017, we hosted a kickoff event, titled ELEVATE, to announce our plan to host a Summit in 2018, and to determine topics and interests in our community. With no budget but the donated support from the co-founders, Accion and NM Community Capital, the kickoff was sold out.

-70+ Native American, Alaskan Native, and First Nations women attended
-Over 25 Tribes from across North America were represented
-100% of speakers were native American Women
-56 surveys were completed
-100% confirmed desire for a Native Women only summit
-100% wanted to know more Native American Women for contacts, partnerships, contracts, and hiring opportunities
-79% requested childcare and transportation as barriers.

Are you ready to join us?